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Evanescence Live at Wembley Arena 2012

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Last night I finally got to see one of my favourite bands perform live for the first time. I had standing tickets along with two of my friends for Wembley Arena which quickly became a big mistake. Now don’t get me wrong; a bit of pushing and the odd elbow in the back is to be expected in this kind of situation but I couldn’t believe how inconsiderate some Evanescence fans were. I was being pushed so hard into the back of people that I nearly hurt my back. A small minority were friendly and understanding but most were just plain rude and childish. Part of the way through it seemed to calm down a little but was still uncomfortable. I definitely won’t be buying standing tickets for a large venue again.

Despite all this I managed to enjoy the bands performances kicking off with the first support act; ‘LostAlone’ with their weird eighties hair styles. The last support act being ‘The Used’ really got the crowd going and I spent a lot of the time trying to avoid Mosh pits. Evanescence were amazing and Amy Lee’s vocals were on top form but I couldn’t help thinking that this was the last time I’ll be seeing them as they are notorious for disappearing for long periods of time. We shall see though.

Michael McIntyre’s Warm up Gig

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I just remembered I told a lie yesterday about not being up to much lately. I went to see Michael McIntyre last Wednesday at a small venue in London called Pleasance theatre. He’s been doing a collection of warm up gigs here and there to prepare him for his big shows in September, October and November at the London o2 arena and Wembley arena. It gives him a chance to think up new material and to see what works and what doesn’t by judging how many laughs he gets. Basically we played the role of his guinea pigs which I didn’t mind at all.

I hadn’t seen Michael McIntyre live before so I was really looking forward to it. My friend Julie had got hold of the tickets for just £5 each which to say that was a bargain is an understatement. Because the venue was small, it was nice having that bit of intimacy and Michael had me crying with laughter from the moment he stepped out onto the stage. He announced that he was a little worse for wear as he had been to the Britt awards the night before and it was also his birthday therefore there would be no skipping on stage. Every now and then he would take notes as his note taker didn’t want to come out in the miserable weather, we found this just as funny as the jokes themselves and chuckled every time he turned round to scribble something down.

I certainly have new-found love and respect for this hilarious man and I would definitely recommend that you go to one of his shows if you ever get the opportunity. Even better… go to one of his £5 shows and you’ll be laughing so to speak 🙂