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Weekly Writing challenge: I Wish I Were

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I wish I were an accomplished and successful artist designing for magazines or stage sets. One of my regrets in life was¬†quitting my A level Art course around 10 years ago. Unfortunately I was working full-time and couldn’t dedicate enough time to one of the things that I loved the most. Working part-time wasn’t even an option for me at the time. Previous years since, I managed to sketch and paint when I had a spare moment just to quench my artistic desire. But recently I’ve had no time whatsoever and to be honest I can’t remember when I last picked up a pencil or paintbrush.

It often makes me sad to think I may have wasted one of the best talents that I had but there have been opportunities and life experiences that I wouldn’t change for the world. You win some and you lose some I suppose. I have no doubt that I will eventually find that all important time to become creative again but I don’t expect that I’ll ever start another A level Art course.


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