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A Random Collection of Photo’s From ToyCon UK Part 3

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Apologies to any of my followers who have no interest whatsoever in Designer Art Toys, you’ll be pleased to know I am boring you with ToyCon photos for the last time (well until next year at least). Thank you for all the likes and comments that I have received.

Designer Art Toys

Designer Art Toys

Designer Art Toys

Vinyl Toys

Peace Seeker


Vinyl Toys

Custom Dunny's

Designer Art Toy

Designer Art Toy

Designer Art Toy


A Random Collection of Photo’s From ToyCon UK Part 1

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These is the remaining selection of photo’s That I took at Toycon UK on the 6th April 2013. They are a mishmash of various stalls/artists featured at the event. Some may be a little out of focus.

Custom toy

Custom Figure

Fake mini tea

Cat :)

Designer Art toy

Designer art toy

Designer art toy

Designer art toy

10 Items of Awesomeness

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So this is something that I have seen people on vlog about on YouTube. Basically you share 10 items from your room/house that may mean something personal to you and you explain them. Now as I’m always thinking of new things to write about I thought I would take this idea and blog about it. Anyone can give it a go.

Item 1

My Ball Joint doll Malaki

Malaki was given to me by my friend Zoe who collects ball joint dolls, this was one of the oldest dolls in her collection. She made the clothes he is wearing. He currently sits on a shelf next to my bedroom lamp.

Item 2

My Pop! Heroes Superman Vinyl Figure

Just Vinyl toys in general as I collect them but I chose to post my Superman because he is my favourite superhero. I’ve been a big ‘New adventures of Superman’ and ‘Smallville’ fan for years.

Item 3

My Alex Winter Signed picture

Alex Winter signed this when I met him at the London Film and Comic Con this year. It was a dream come true meeting someone from my favourite film of all time ‘The Lost Boys’. Now just have to work on Keefer Sutherland 😛

Item 4

Dan from ‘The Used’s’ Drum Stick

This was rescued by my friend Mandy after it had been thrown into the crowd at the Evanescence gig I went to recently at Wembley Arena. ‘The Used’ were on as the support act.

Item 5

Grumpy Angus

Grumpy Angus is made by a talented guy from the website Forgotten Forest. He sits comfortably at the end of my bed and he’s very well-behaved despite his looks 🙂

Item 6

Hypnotic Poison by Dior

This is my favourite perfume, it reminds me of a friend that I don’t see very often. It smells amazing.

Item 7

My handmade sock monster

This was bought for me by my brother and sister in-law while they were walking around the little shops and boutiques in Greenwich. Its made out of socks and sits at the end of my bed keeping Grumpy Angus company.

Item 8

My ‘True Blood’ t-shirt

I bought this from one of the stall at the Entertainment Media show in London this year. It’s one of my favourite Vampire series’s. I’m trying not to put it on too often so I don’t wear it out 😛

Item 9

Snape’s Wand

I bought professor Snape’s wand while on a trip to the Harry Potter Studio tour earlier this year. Snape is my favourite Harry Potter character. I was so sad when he met his demise 😦

Item 10

My Masquerade mask

I love masquerade masks… this is a handmade mask from the website Masked Boutique who make a range of different masks for all occasions. Masquerade balls always remind me of a scene from the film ‘Labyrinth’.

Mini Tea Signing 2012

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On Thursday (15th) I went along to the signing of the mini series 2 ‘Lunartik in a cup of tea’ created by Matt Jones with my fantabulous friend Zoe. The signing was scheduled to begin at 6pm at Forbidden Planet, London and end at 7pm but ended up running about an hour over. We waited for two hours to get our mini teas signed, not because of the length of the queue but because some people were buying entire trays of mini teas to be signed and also larger ones for Matt to add a custom design to. In my opinion I thought that was a little inconsiderate and Forbidden Planet should have had this controlled better limiting the amount of items being signed. But after a back-breaking, leg aching wait we finally managed to get our mini teas signed and have a brief chat to Matt.

The new designs are definitely more quirkier than the first series which will probably give me the incentive to buy more. The packaging   comes in the form of a takeaway cup and the teas are blind boxed like the previous series.

The wait may have been gruelling but all was forgiven when we were offered these 🙂

OMG… I Bought a Book!

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I love London and I think London loves me considering the amount of money I spend there. Yesterday I enjoyed a day to myself. I started off by grabbing a hot chocolate from Candy Cakes; a place I visit when I’m not craving a Chai tea latte from Starbucks. It’s a lovely little shop with colourful cakes which unfortunately are not entirely vegetarian so I can’t eat them but they are nice to look at, like little works of art.

What followed that day had me stunned… I bought a book! You guys are probably thinking ‘big deal’ but it is to me. I never read books, mainly because I have a very short attention span and have poor concentration. Even if I start reading a book; its very rare that I finish it. My mind wanders and I get bored.

I went into my favourite shop Forbidden Planet Megastore where I usually buy vinyl toys to add to my collection but nothing took my fancy, so I went downstairs to the books and Graphic novels and hung around for a bit; picking up and putting down books until I picked up this one book that caught my eye and I started reading parts of it.

The book in question is ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ created by Stephen Jones. It contains a log of events from various people in the form of letters and emails during a new Festival of Britain. Various activities in preparation to this festival causes an old plague to be unearthed, infecting helpless humans and turning them into flesh-eating creatures. It’s certainly my kind of book and I look forward to actually finishing this one.