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Post 100

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Well I got there! My 100th post. Quite an accomplishment when you don’t know whether your going to stick with blogging or not. But I love it so much and I don’t know what I would do with my spare time if I didn’t have my blog. I was unsure what to write for my first post so I came up with ‘The Joys of Christmas Shopping’ on the 3rd December 2011. Looking back on it it seems pretty lame. I don’t know why I didn’t write a proper introduction about myself at the time as it seems like such a sudden way to begin things. But generally speaking, I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I started my blog because I love sharing things with people, be it people I know or not. I also love to read other people’s blogs too, sometimes we are influenced and inspired more by total strangers.

Here are 10 of my favourite blog posts I have made since joining WordPress:

  1. Vampires Don’t Sparkle
  2. A big Price to Pay for Being Different
  3. Being Human – The Big Change
  4. Disneyland Paris Parade
  5. A Picture with Meaning
  6. A Super Disappointment
  7. Entertainment Media Show
  8. Mini Tea Signing 2012
  9. Sugar Skull
  10. Paignton Zoo

Here’s to the next 100 posts 🙂

A quick visit to blogsville

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I know, I know… I haven’t been here for a while but I apologise for that! I have no excuse but the fact that I really haven’t been up to much lately and didn’t really want to bore anyone with my meaningless waffling! I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about sherylsbloggyblog and I have lots of things that I want to write about in the future. At the moment all is quiet on the life front and while its been cold I have enjoyed some nights in watching seasons 1 to 3 of True Blood which I have become an instant fan of. I am now currently working my way through season 1 of Heroes and I plan to get my hands on ‘The Circle’, ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Being Human’. I whole heartedly admit that I am a complete geek and proud of it 🙂

As I sit here watching Kerrang I’m feeling excited about a couple of gigs I’ve got booked to see ‘Lost Prophets’ and ‘The Used’ which I’m sure you’ll hear about at some point. I watched ‘Daybreakers’ today which is an awesome film and positioned at number 17 in SFX magazines special vampires edition for the 25 greatest vampire movies on the planet… you will have to buy the magazine to find out what number 1 is but I wasn’t disappointed with the result. Anyway… I’ll be back soon, I promise!

Vampires don’t Sparkle

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My fascination for vampires started when I was 4 years old, I loved the old 80’s series of ‘The Little Vampire’, but even as a child I took it to the extreme. When most little girls wanted to be ballerina’s I wanted to be a vampire. I think my family got a little worried at the point when I tried to jump out of a tree thinking I could fly, fortunately my sister was there to catch me. My all time favourite film is ‘The Lost Boys’ starring Keifer Sutherland and the late Corey Haim, a film that was introduced to me when I was about 10 years old by my then best friends brother who wouldn’t actually let me watch it and I quite naturally developed a curiosity.

Now considering my love for all things vampire; you wouldn’t expect me to be interested in The Twilight Saga but surprisingly I am! in fact it’s so wrong it’s right. This afternoon I finally got around to seeing ‘Breaking Dawn’ at the cinema with my niece and it didn’t disappoint. I was most impressed that it didn’t feature a single sparkling vampire this time which is one part of Stephenie Meyer’s interpretation of vampires I didn’t agree with. You can’t beat a hardcore Vampire film but if your looking for a Love story, these are your films although they may not be a die hard vampire fans cup of tea.

Without giving away the plot, the beginning was a little slow but once it got going the scenes were a little more graphic than previous films and the intensity made me clench my fists, especially in sympathy of Bella’s pain whereas my 12 year old niece hid behind her hands. Now just to wait for part 2!