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La Palma, Santa Cruz

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Day 9 of the cruise and we had no excursions planned. Instead we decided to explore the town a little because fortunately it was walking distance from the ship. I’m so glad we made this decision as I completely fell in love with the town. Its traditional buildings and pretty balconies draped with flowers made it pleasing on the eye and I got a little snap happy with my camera. There were lots of touristy shops that we happily popped in and out of scooping up our much-needed souvenirs. apologies for the way these photos are displayed, I’m having problems with the layout and it’s winding me up big time.



Vigo, Spain

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Our first port of call on the cruise was Vigo on the 6th May. This was a disappointing and rather dreary destination partly due to the weather but mainly because there was very little to do or see there. It’s helpful if you need to go shopping for things that you have forgotten to bring with you on the ship but other than that, I didn’t see the point in stopping there.

We were greeted by noisy protesters wanting Europe to help their banks or something to that effect. We had a look around some shops and I managed to capture a few interesting pictures. I’m sure there must be nicer parts of Vigo to explore further out but I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed and would have no intention in going back there. apologies to Vigo residents. If you have your own views, please include them in the comments below. Find out more about Vigo HERE¬†on Wikipedia.




Bell tower

Spanish backstreets

traditional Spanish Square

Water Feature


part of the statue in more detail

Another Statue

Close up