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10 Items of Awesomeness

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So this is something that I have seen people on vlog about on YouTube. Basically you share 10 items from your room/house that may mean something personal to you and you explain them. Now as I’m always thinking of new things to write about I thought I would take this idea and blog about it. Anyone can give it a go.

Item 1

My Ball Joint doll Malaki

Malaki was given to me by my friend Zoe who collects ball joint dolls, this was one of the oldest dolls in her collection. She made the clothes he is wearing. He currently sits on a shelf next to my bedroom lamp.

Item 2

My Pop! Heroes Superman Vinyl Figure

Just Vinyl toys in general as I collect them but I chose to post my Superman because he is my favourite superhero. I’ve been a big ‘New adventures of Superman’ and ‘Smallville’ fan for years.

Item 3

My Alex Winter Signed picture

Alex Winter signed this when I met him at the London Film and Comic Con this year. It was a dream come true meeting someone from my favourite film of all time ‘The Lost Boys’. Now just have to work on Keefer Sutherland 😛

Item 4

Dan from ‘The Used’s’ Drum Stick

This was rescued by my friend Mandy after it had been thrown into the crowd at the Evanescence gig I went to recently at Wembley Arena. ‘The Used’ were on as the support act.

Item 5

Grumpy Angus

Grumpy Angus is made by a talented guy from the website Forgotten Forest. He sits comfortably at the end of my bed and he’s very well-behaved despite his looks 🙂

Item 6

Hypnotic Poison by Dior

This is my favourite perfume, it reminds me of a friend that I don’t see very often. It smells amazing.

Item 7

My handmade sock monster

This was bought for me by my brother and sister in-law while they were walking around the little shops and boutiques in Greenwich. Its made out of socks and sits at the end of my bed keeping Grumpy Angus company.

Item 8

My ‘True Blood’ t-shirt

I bought this from one of the stall at the Entertainment Media show in London this year. It’s one of my favourite Vampire series’s. I’m trying not to put it on too often so I don’t wear it out 😛

Item 9

Snape’s Wand

I bought professor Snape’s wand while on a trip to the Harry Potter Studio tour earlier this year. Snape is my favourite Harry Potter character. I was so sad when he met his demise 😦

Item 10

My Masquerade mask

I love masquerade masks… this is a handmade mask from the website Masked Boutique who make a range of different masks for all occasions. Masquerade balls always remind me of a scene from the film ‘Labyrinth’.

My First London Film and Comic Con

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I’ve been wanting to go to one of these for a few years now but never got around to it. If I’m honest my first experience was a little disappointing due to the poor organisation of the event. I spent most of my time waiting around and queuing and I only had 3 photo-shoots booked so I don’t know how people only going for the day managed to do more than that and some talks as well. I didn’t even get much time to look around all of the stalls but the ones that I did see were really good with items being reasonably priced. I bought 4 mounted pictures of True Blood and the Vampire Diaries at £5 each and a Lost Boys mug at £5. In a way I’m glad I didn’t look at much as I would have spent a fortune on things that I didn’t essentially need.

I liked my photo shoot pictures though and I was most excited about meeting Alex Winter of ‘Bill and Ted’ and ‘The lost Boys’ fame especially as The Lost Boys is my favourite film of all time. Another impressive guest was Gillian Anderson… I used to be a big X-Files fan back in the day. And as I am currently working my way through Heroes, I had to have a photo taken with Hayden Panetierre 🙂

As LFCC had been moved to Kensington Olympia this year, its understandable that things were a little out of sorts for them. Having to organise an event like this must be incredibly difficult, especially when it involves having to get hold of guests. They certainly pulled that off really well as there were an array of guests to please everyone. Depending on next years guests I would definitely give it another go at Earls Court.

Corey Feldman on Ice

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I can’t say it’s been the best of days, it started off very early with the sound of droned news reporters delivering weather warnings of gale forced winds… just what I need on my first day back to work since the Christmas break. Luckily the day went pretty quick and I arrived home to some good news, well it depends how you perceive it really. I am easily pleased with the smallest of things. Now I’m not really a fan of reality T.V shows but this may be one to watch. Dancing On Ice have announced the line-up for the show that starts on ITV1 this Sunday the 8th of January and I’m rather excited that one of the celebrity contestants this year with be none other than the Lost Boys star Corey Feldman. Now for those of you who have read one of my previous blog posts ‘Vampires don’t Sparkle’ you will know that the Lost Boys is my favourite film of all time.

Corey who is also famous for films such as ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stand by me’ will be teaming up with Skater Brook Castille to battle it out amongst other contestants on the ice. He’s moved to London and has taken this opportunity to return to the public eye. To some extent I will be happy he’s doing it, but like many others are probably thinking; it could be make or break for him. It’s unlike anything he’s ever done before and I fear that he may be out of his comfort zone. I’ll be crossing my fingers in hope that he’ll be successful.

Vampires don’t Sparkle

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My fascination for vampires started when I was 4 years old, I loved the old 80’s series of ‘The Little Vampire’, but even as a child I took it to the extreme. When most little girls wanted to be ballerina’s I wanted to be a vampire. I think my family got a little worried at the point when I tried to jump out of a tree thinking I could fly, fortunately my sister was there to catch me. My all time favourite film is ‘The Lost Boys’ starring Keifer Sutherland and the late Corey Haim, a film that was introduced to me when I was about 10 years old by my then best friends brother who wouldn’t actually let me watch it and I quite naturally developed a curiosity.

Now considering my love for all things vampire; you wouldn’t expect me to be interested in The Twilight Saga but surprisingly I am! in fact it’s so wrong it’s right. This afternoon I finally got around to seeing ‘Breaking Dawn’ at the cinema with my niece and it didn’t disappoint. I was most impressed that it didn’t feature a single sparkling vampire this time which is one part of Stephenie Meyer’s interpretation of vampires I didn’t agree with. You can’t beat a hardcore Vampire film but if your looking for a Love story, these are your films although they may not be a die hard vampire fans cup of tea.

Without giving away the plot, the beginning was a little slow but once it got going the scenes were a little more graphic than previous films and the intensity made me clench my fists, especially in sympathy of Bella’s pain whereas my 12 year old niece hid behind her hands. Now just to wait for part 2!