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Environmentally Friendly Me

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I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now and haven’t looked back since. I care very much for animal rights but for a while now my knowledge on cruelty free products has been somewhat limited. Companies don’t often clearly state how their products were tested which makes it difficult to know what exactly you’re using.

Recently I decided to do some research and purchase myself some natural, cruelty free products and during the past couple of weekends I have been slowly replacing my old products with organically certified products. I have no idea if the products I was originally using were tested on animals or not so I have decided to change to a completely organic brand that clearly state what they are all about. The chosen brand is dr.Organic.

Their products are paraben free, SLS free and have no artificial colours, fragrances or harsh preservatives so they are good for you and good for the environment and more importantly they are against animal testing. So far I have replaced my shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, lip balm, skin toner, face moisturiser, hand wash and face scrub and I feel better knowing that I’m doing my bit for the animals that I so dearly love.

dr.Organic products

I purchased these items in ‘Holland & Barrett’ where the range has an array of products available to suit different skin and hair types. The sweet-smelling ‘Manuka Honey Body wash’ lathers well when applied with a wash puff and I had no problems with the ‘Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner’ that fills the bathroom with its refreshing scent. The ‘Virgin Olive Oil face scrub’ is very grainy and leaves your face soft and smooth after use and works well with the ‘Virgin Olive Oil day cream’ that doesn’t have a strong odour or leave your face too oily, a little of this also goes a long way. I prefer to use handwash rather than soap for hygiene reasons so the ‘Aloe Vera handwash’ was perfect and left a slight fragrance on my hands after use. I haven’t got around to using the ‘Rose otto skin toner’ yet but the ‘Rose Otto balm lip serum’ I have and I’m quite impressed so far.

Unfortunately these products come at a price. Most are usually over £5, the day cream and the toner set me back £8.19 each which is all a little expensive if you have to stick to a budget which brings me to the argument ‘Why are environmentally friendly products so pricey when we are encouraged to be a more environmentally friendly country’? ‘and why are they so difficult to find’?

As all of my perfumes had run out I also popped into ‘The body shop’ and bought ‘Madagascan vanilla flower’ perfume which is also made from organic and natural products. ‘The body shop’ is continuing to sell cruelty free products which has been one of the more obvious choice of brands easily available. I would definitely urge anyone seriously considering alternative products to do so for your own peace of mind.

The body Shop perfume