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A Quick Look Back On My 2013

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I consider 2013 as being a good year looking back. I have been on two amazing holidays and made many happy memories. The Spain and Canary Island Cruise in May was awesome and it was lovely to spend time with two of my very good friends during this time. We did have a lot of fun and we laughed until we cried a lot of the time. Some people may of even thought we were a little mad but we didn’t have a care in the world. Thinking about it makes me want to book another cruise for next year but as I have some crazy saving to do I don’t think I’ll be booking anything.

Disneyland Paris is never a let down (in my opinion anyway) and I was lucky enough to take my niece Jordan on her first trip there. I’m not sure who exactly was the biggest kid but I’m pretty sure it was me. I love all the rides and meeting as many characters as I can. Despite going at peak season and having to face the crowds of people and the queues, we still had a great time. I would have loved to have returned next year but that also looks very unlikely.

There has been a few events that have stuck in my mind from this year including the annual ‘West End Live’ in Trafalgar Square, conventions such as ‘Collectormania’ in Milton Keynes ‘London Film and Comic Con’ ‘Hyper Japan’ and ‘ToyCon’ were all enjoyable and I hope to return to these events again next year. Another event I enjoyed was the charity football match between ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Les Miserable’.

This year saw me try my hand at creating things with Polymer clay which goes well when I have the time apart from when I burnt two tea light holders in the oven much to the horror of my mother who had to clean the blackness from her oven the next day, oops! I also joined a amateur operatic society and performed in my first show which was successful. Unfortunately because of the lack of young talent and men, the society will be closing after our next show in March. It has left me wondering what I should do next, if I even feel like doing anything after that.

There has been some events I have been to which I haven’t mentioned in my posts like Seeing various bands live at Wembley Arena and the London o2 such as ‘Paramore’ ’30 Seconds to Mars’ and ‘Boyzone’. I have also been to a couple of WWE events and loved it… more for next year I think, including some more gigs and shows that are already planned. So far I’m rather looking forward to 2014, I hope you are too!

Church of St George, La Coruna

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While in La Coruna, Spain we stumbled across a real gem… another church, but this one was bar far the most stunning.

La Coruna, Spain

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The last destination on the cruise was a wet one. If it didn’t pour down with rain we probably would have spent longer exploring on Thursday, 16th May. We didn’t let the weather get us down though.

Vigo, Spain

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Our first port of call on the cruise was Vigo on the 6th May. This was a disappointing and rather dreary destination partly due to the weather but mainly because there was very little to do or see there. It’s helpful if you need to go shopping for things that you have forgotten to bring with you on the ship but other than that, I didn’t see the point in stopping there.

We were greeted by noisy protesters wanting Europe to help their banks or something to that effect. We had a look around some shops and I managed to capture a few interesting pictures. I’m sure there must be nicer parts of Vigo to explore further out but I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed and would have no intention in going back there. apologies to Vigo residents. If you have your own views, please include them in the comments below. Find out more about Vigo HERE¬†on Wikipedia.




Bell tower

Spanish backstreets

traditional Spanish Square

Water Feature


part of the statue in more detail

Another Statue

Close up

Independence of the Seas – Spain and Canary Island Cruise

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Independence of the Seas

Independence of the Seas

Myself and friends Heidi and Debbie boarded the ship around 12ish on 4th May, just in time for lunch. The security checks were quick and stress free so we had plenty of time to find our state-room and explore the ship a little before we left Southampton. We were greeted by friendly and very cheerful staff so we knew from the beginning that we were going to be looked after very well. The ship departed at 3:30pm and we made sure we were up on deck to wave goodbye to the small crowd that had gathered to see us off.

The ship itself was amazing, we couldn’t comprehend the size until we saw it in real life. In total it has 15 floors… the 15th being the skylight chapel where small wedding ceremonies can take place. Each floor is maintained to a high standard and their level of cleanliness was impeccable. The care of their customers was obviously (from what I had observed) of up most importance and I couldn’t fault that.

Our inside stateroom was tiny which was something that I wasn’t expecting. The three of us were constantly bumping into each other so it was a good job that most of the time we were either roaming the ship or out on excursions when docked. There was lots to see and do both on and off the ship. We were confused about our sleeping arrangements until someone had to explain to us that bunks can be pulled down from the ceiling which we found rather amusing.

Inside stateroom

Inside stateroom

inside stateroom 2

inside stateroom 2

In my next post I shall include photos of in and around the ship.


Yiruma ~ River Flows In You

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I have to say that this is the most emotional and moving piece of music I’ve ever heard. I first heard it when on holiday in Spain last year. ‘House of Illusion’ in Salou used it as an accompaniment with one of their illusions. From then on I was forever wondering what it was called. I recently heard it being played on the new Disneyland Paris advert and had to google it. It didn’t take long to find it and I downloaded it straight onto my MP3 player. I’ve been listening to it just before I go to sleep to help me unwind.

My 2012 Highlights

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2012 has been yet another great year for me overall and I’m extremely grateful for that. I have had great fun with many good friends along the way. I have managed to do a little travelling with Spain and Barcelona being my main holiday this year which included lots of great excursions. Disneyland Paris was somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and it certainly made me feel like a kid again… everyone needs a little magic in their lives. My long weekend to Devon was a welcomed break from the norm and left me feeling refreshed.

I attended three fantastic conventions with this year being my first experience of conventions too. Bitten 3 weekend, the Entertainment Media show and the London Film and Comic con all had some brilliant guests. Other highlights included seeing Michael McIntyre at the o2, The Harry Potter studio tour and the amazing annual West End Live which I will no doubt be at again next year.

Obviously my brother’s wedding has to be one of the biggest highlights of this year. It was a lovely occasion and one that I will remember for a long time to come. Meeting the coolest couple on YouTube Charles and Ali Trippy at the Contiki meetup in London with my niece was exciting and I hope to meet more of the YouTubers that I watch next year. Seeing one of my favourite bands Evanescence was long-awaited and I’m pleased to say that I have actually finally seen them live.

I tried my hand at poetry and really enjoyed it so I plan to submit more poetry into any online magazines that will accept them and see where I get. I completely failed on my other blogs for reviews and art but I’ve decided to just add everything I do to this blog in the future. Oh, and that book I bought back in January is still unfinished… what am I like!