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WWE Memories

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I can’t believe how much I have spent this weekend but the fact that it wasn’t all spent on me made me feel slightly better. Yesterday I took my niece  Jordan shopping for clothes as a Christmas present. I must have bought her a whole new wardrobe by the time we had finished. Today was meant to be relaxing but I realised while watching WWE Superstars this morning that tickets for Smackdown were on sale at the O2 so I decided to make the journey there to ensure Jordan and I got the best seats that were left available for April next year.

I have watched WWE on and off since I was 11 years old (22 years ago) and this will be the first time seeing it live. Back in the day my favourite wrestler used to be Shawn Michaels, I loved his tag team ‘the Rockers’ with Marty Jannetty. Years later I became a fan of ‘The Hardy Boys’ but now it’s all about ‘the great white’ himself… Sheamus.

My friend Farrah converted me into a WWE fan (then known as WWF) when I met her in secondary school and I have many happy memories of sleepovers at Farrah’s watching Wrestling. She was a huge fan of Bret hitman Hart and used to give me all her spare trading cards. Those were the days! back when all we had to worry about was ‘the Rockers’ splitting up 🙂

Between then and now there has been many amazing athletes come and go in the business with some tragically leaving us too soon such as Andre the giant, Davey Boy Smith, Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero among just a few. I look forward to being a part of this long-awaited entertainment documenting it in my blog.

Here Comes the Sun!

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Although I was wishing that I didn’t have to go to work this morning, there remained a certain spring in my step as I glanced out of the window while getting ready. That Monday morning feeling after a fab weekend was just made better by the sunshine. As I walked to work I noticed how beautiful the blossom on the trees looked against the bright blue sky. It was also nice to walk home from work in the daylight… it seemed forever ago that I could do that. So I just wanted to say welcome back sun 🙂

So I had a pretty awesome weekend. It began with a spot of holiday shopping which is no where complete as yet but I’m glad I made a start. A spur of the moment trip to the cinema on Saturday evening with my 13 year old niece presented us with ‘The Hunger Games’ which pleasantly surprised me as I wasn’t really expecting much from this film. I haven’t read the book but people who have tell me that its so much better than the film. I don’t doubt this for a second but as it takes me so long to get through a book I have no intention in reading it. Some people were disappointed because the film was aimed at pre-teens which I expected anyway as my niece has been going on about it for months. I couldn’t help thinking that the whole concept of the film was just a little bit brutal for young people to digest but I was happy that it wasn’t too graphic as I didn’t fancy explaining to my sister why her daughter was having nightmares. All in all I liked the weirdness of it but I wouldn’t say that it’s better than ‘Harry Potter’ as some media have been saying.

I had a lazy Sunday morning catching up with ‘Britain’s got Talent’ leaving myself just half an hour to get dressed and slap on some make-up before running out of the door to catch a train to Camden town where I met my mate Mandy for food, drinks at ‘The Worlds End’ and onto Koko to see Lostprophets perform. It wasn’t a proper gig, they were filming for an album chart show and people who had bought tickets to see them in May had been invited along for free to be part of it. To be honest I wasn’t expecting them to sing as many songs as they did… about eight from what I recall! One being their new single ‘Bring ‘Em Down’ and one of my favourites ‘Rooftops’. Roll on May when I get to see their full show 🙂

New Blog

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So as you know I’ve been working on a bit of poetry recently and I have now made a new blog to accommodate my creative works. My first poem is called ‘The Gathering’ and it can be found here

I would appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism. As its my first displayed poem, I’d like to know if it’s any good but as I said in a previous post it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

I will also begin to display art work once I have some completed pieces. I still need to go shopping for some new materials and equipment so I don’t know how long this could take but I’ll keep you posted. I’m excited by the fact that I can share my creative side with everyone in Blogsville, I just hope people like it.