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2012 to do List – Achieved or Failed

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Just before the new year set in I created a to do list for 2012. I didn’t want to commit myself to new years resolutions because a lot of the time I don’t stick to them. So here’s the moment I find out whether the list has been a success or not.

1) Be more Creative:

I suppose I’ve been more creative than previous years but still not as much as I would liked to have been. I haven’t painted or sketched anything but I have written a lot and that has made me happy. My biggest creative achievement this year was getting 3 of my dark poems published in issue 37 of ‘Death Head Grin’, a monthly online horror, sci-fi and fantasy fiction poetry and artwork magazine

2) Make an effort to visit more places of interest:

I’m not sure exactly what my aim was when I wrote this. I’ve ended up in places of interest but none that I would have planned to visit before hand. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but I know what I’m talking about 🙂 there are still many places of interest I want to visit, some in London itself.

3) Travel more – even if it’s within the UK:

I would say this has been a success with my trip to Spain, Barcelona, Disneyland and my beloved Torquay and Paignton in Devon. I would still very much like to visit Bath and Canterbury.

4) Watch more films:

With my obsession with Amazon I have definitely achieved this one. I have certainly watched many films on DVD but it’s a rare occasion when I go to the cinema which is something I used to love doing. I’ve also watched a lot of series box sets.

5) Try to get to more rock gigs:

Still more successful than previous years with ‘Lost Prophets’ and ‘Evanescence’. I’m sure there’s been a couple of up and coming bands I’ve seen along the way but it’s not something that is important to me now.

6) Concentrate on theatre shows I haven’t seen:

The Only different shows I’ve seen this year is ‘Wicked’, ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ and ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’ (tour). I’ve even cut down seeing ‘Jersey Boys’ so much now. There’s still so many more shows I’d like to see though and I’ll continue to get to the theatre whenever I can.

Overall Verdict!

I think I’ve done better than expected to be honest making the ‘to do list’ an achievement and I hadn’t intended on following it. It’s been interesting looking back on what I have achieved and it has given me an incentive to do something similar for next year so watch this space 🙂

New Years to do List

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To be honest I think that this new years resolution lark is pretty pointless. I’ve tried making them in the past but I just end up forgetting them or just not sticking to them. So instead of actually making new years resolutions, I’m going to make a short to do list. Being short it will be more doable.

1) Be more creative – the past few years I have lost all creativity. I used to love painting and photography!

2) Make the effort to visit more places of interest.

3) Travel more – even if it’s within the UK.

4) Watch more films – I used to be a bit of a film fanatic but with lack of time and my previous obsession with social networks meant that I very rarely sat down in the evening to watch a DVD.

5) Try and get to more rock gigs – I love many genre’s but it’s been a while since I really let myself go and really enjoyed a live gig whether it be a popular band or some new up and coming artists.

6) Concentrate on theatre shows I haven’t seen – most of the time I obsess over one particular musical (That being jersey Boys).

I’m not going to commit myself to any of them but it would be nice if I could actually achieve some.