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Corey Feldman on Ice

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I can’t say it’s been the best of days, it started off very early with the sound of droned news reporters delivering weather warnings of gale forced winds… just what I need on my first day back to work since the Christmas break. Luckily the day went pretty quick and I arrived home to some good news, well it depends how you perceive it really. I am easily pleased with the smallest of things. Now I’m not really a fan of reality T.V shows but this may be one to watch. Dancing On Ice have announced the line-up for the show that starts on ITV1 this Sunday the 8th of January and I’m rather excited that one of the celebrity contestants this year with be none other than the Lost Boys star Corey Feldman. Now for those of you who have read one of my previous blog posts ‘Vampires don’t Sparkle’ you will know that the Lost Boys is my favourite film of all time.

Corey who is also famous for films such as ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stand by me’ will be teaming up with Skater Brook Castille to battle it out amongst other contestants on the ice. He’s moved to London and has taken this opportunity to return to the public eye. To some extent I will be happy he’s doing it, but like many others are probably thinking; it could be make or break for him. It’s unlike anything he’s ever done before and I fear that he may be out of his comfort zone. I’ll be crossing my fingers in hope that he’ll be successful.