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Erm… Primark, what were you thinking?

The Joys of Christmas Shopping

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You might detect a hint of sarcasm in that title, in fact you would be spot on. It’s one of the most mind numbing event’s that I have to endure each year. I don’t thinkĀ I can get away with purchasing gift vouchers for a third year running. Yep… I’m going to have to put some effort into it this time which means surviving the crowds and stopping myself from hitting slow moving people in the back of the head (I wouldn’t really do something like that but I can visualise it). It almost turns into some sort of Zombie apocalypse but with humans.

surprisingly I don’t shop online so I have to do things the old fashioned way and when your in the middle of Primark trying to decide which jumper you should buy your mum; looking at the mile long queue at the same time, you start to wish Aliens would come and abduct you there and then. Each year I say how I’m going to start my Christmas shopping early but this year, as with all the others has been one big epic fail.

I sympathise with anyone who feels the same way about Christmas shopping but be strong and carry on… you can do it!