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Pray For Boston

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News is travelling worldwide of the explosions that happened nearby the finish line of the Boston Marathon (US) a few hours ago. I would just like to say that I am thinking of all those that have been affected by this cruel and senseless act. Stay Strong!


Merry Christmas… Spread the love!

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Before I head to my local church for carols and midnight mass I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my followers and anyone else who just happens to stumble upon this post. Tonight I will be sending prayers up to heaven for the Connecticut victims and will be thinking of all the soldiers that can’t make it home to their families this Christmas. On a more personal note I shall also be thinking of the loved ones that have passed away and are deeply missed by my family.

I think everyone should just take a moment to remember people who have sadly left us just so they know we haven’t forgotten about them. It’s also a good time to appreciate how important existing family and friends are to us and wherever you are in the world you are enjoying your Christmas with the ones you love.

Sleep Tight Little Angels

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I was deeply shocked and saddened when I heard the news on Friday. Today I took some time out of what I was doing and fell silent to think of everyone affected by the school shooting in Connecticut, US. 20 Children and 6 teachers were killed at ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School’ in Newtown. I can’t begin to imagine what their family and friends are going through. How you even begin to understand a tragedy like this is beyond me, I just hope they manage to find some comfort in the support so many people around the world are giving them right now.

For the families of the teachers that lost their lives that day protecting the children, I hope they find that a comfort in itself… they died heroes and without their bravery so many more innocentĀ children would have been killed. This particular time of year should be one of joy, and many would have already wrapped up their children’s presents. It’s cruel how lives can change in an instant. My prayers will be with you all at Christmas and I sincerely hope you can find the strength to rebuild your lives eventually. Rest in peace little ones.

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