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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St Patricks Day


Being half Irish, I couldn’t let today pass without wishing all the Irish and those with Irish roots a very happy St Patrick’s day 🙂

An Irish Blessing

A Damp Day in Camden Town

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Photo’s from today’s trip to Camden. You may notice I got a little snap happy 🙂

Shop Fronts

Shop Fronts


Railway bridge

Barge on the lock

Camden Lock

Black headed gull

Lion Statue

Horse Statues

colourful seat

Giant man

horse statue

scary doll





London Photography

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Busy London Sepia tone

After checking back on my POLL I created in January, I noticed that someone had voted for photography so I thought I’d include a photo in my latest post. I would ideally like to post more scenic photo’s in my blog, mainly London-based as that is where I spend most of my spare time. Unfortunately this is the only photo I managed to take on a busy trip yesterday afternoon. But I’ve decided to dedicate a whole day when I get the chance.

I would especially like to experiment with black and white photo’s which I think look very effective in the right situations. I’ve also gained a new-found interest in street art so I’ll be on the hunt for some of that too. I just wish there was enough hours in a weekend to do everything I wanted.

Consuelo Parra – Digital Art

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I came across yet another impressive digital artist whose work I just had to share with you guys. Consuelo parra’s creations ooze emotion and energy. Words that spring to mind when trying to describe her work are solitude, silence, Nature, dark, gothic, beauty and contemplation. I’m completely mesmerized by each piece she has produced. Here’s a few of my favourite pictures although there are so many to choose from.

The Lost Dreams - Consuelo Parra

Come, Little Children - Consuelo Parra

Euphoria - Consuelo Parra

For those interested in seeing more of Consuelo Parra’s art check out her Deviant Art Page and go and like her Facebook Page for regular updates.

Something I Stumbled Upon

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As if I haven’t got enough to distract me from doing something constructive with my evenings. I have just lost an hour of my life trawling through a website a friend recommended. Now I’m usually the last person to discover anything interesting and in this case it is  probably no exception. provides pages and pages of pictures, info and articles that engages your personal interests. So I registered (it’s free) and started by clicking on 5 genre’s to personalise my stumble… you then of course click on stumble and it searches for a pages that may take your interest which apparently you wouldn’t normally find on the net when searching yourself. So far I like it but will it be just a novelty at first and will I get bored with it? That’s something I’ll find out in time.

So today I stumbled upon an artist’s work that caught my eye. His work is simple yet genius. Everyday objects/materials are transformed with a little bit of wire and brought to life. The art of ‘Bent Objects’  by Terry Border is humorous and creative… I only wish I’d thought of this myself 🙂