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GeTtInG mY cReAtIvE hEaD oN

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It’s not very often I get a weekend to myself and since this was the case I managed to do a lot of thinking. I seemed to have abandoned my creative side after the last few hectic years of my life and seeing as things are not slowing down at all I might as well try to fit it in somewhere. It’s always something I have enjoyed doing since I was a small child. I was never any good at maths or anything technical at school… my brain just didn’t work that way; but give me a piece of paper and I would spend hours perfecting a sketch. I can’t sit back and watch my skills go to waste so once I have the materials I am going to begin painting again. I like to work with acrylic on canvas using bold colours in an alternative fashion.

Something else I haven’t tried my hand at since I was… a teenager (crikey! I didn’t think it was that long) is writing poetry and I started this yesterday. One I finished and another is on its way to completion. Again, this isn’t a style that some people would find appealing… I’m very much into my horror/fiction. I have already submitted my completed poem into an e-zine in hope that it will be published there but as its my first poem in such a long time I’m not sure whether it will be any good or not so fingers crossed.

I thought that it may be a good idea to create a separate blog for all things arty farty. But I shall update you about that nearer the time. Anyway I’m off to try and finish this poem which has presented me with writer’s block… toodle-pip!

New Years to do List

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To be honest I think that this new years resolution lark is pretty pointless. I’ve tried making them in the past but I just end up forgetting them or just not sticking to them. So instead of actually making new years resolutions, I’m going to make a short to do list. Being short it will be more doable.

1) Be more creative – the past few years I have lost all creativity. I used to love painting and photography!

2) Make the effort to visit more places of interest.

3) Travel more – even if it’s within the UK.

4) Watch more films – I used to be a bit of a film fanatic but with lack of time and my previous obsession with social networks meant that I very rarely sat down in the evening to watch a DVD.

5) Try and get to more rock gigs – I love many genre’s but it’s been a while since I really let myself go and really enjoyed a live gig whether it be a popular band or some new up and coming artists.

6) Concentrate on theatre shows I haven’t seen – most of the time I obsess over one particular musical (That being jersey Boys).

I’m not going to commit myself to any of them but it would be nice if I could actually achieve some.