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Back to Normality

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I was back at work today after a nice break and I was in good spirits. My work colleague even commented on how incredibly perky I was. The new year must have some hold over me for some bizarre reason. My day was surprisingly productive and I got a lot done. The break must have helped to clear all the crap out of my head.

I received the Superman pyjama bottoms that I ordered off Amazon today so I was one happy geek. An official DC comics pack of three different designs.I took a photo for you to see 🙂

Superman pyjama bottoms

31 Day Gratitude Experiment

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During the month of January I will be noting down all the little things that I am grateful for. While trying to find a little inspiration last night I came across this page I  could have started it last night but I thought I would save it for the new year instead.

Today I went out and bought a new note pad especially for the occasion and I’m going to do exactly as ‘get busy living’ has said. I’m hoping this will make me realise all the things I usually take for granted. Sometimes you have to take a step back to really appreciate what you have and this little activity will help me do just that.

At the end of each week I shall share my list of gratefulness with all of Blogsville. Well that’s if the ‘end of the world’ doesn’t interrupt my plans… I mean who really believes that anyway?