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Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

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The last time I visited Battersea dogs and cats home was probably a year ago, way before they had completed the new cat building. As I had a little spare time on my hands being the Christmas break, so I took my niece for her first visit yesterday. I completely admire the work that this organisation does and I’m grateful to be able to experience it for myself. All they ask for is a small donation upon entering (adult £2 and child £1) and then you can spend as much time on the premises as you want (open from 1pm to 4pm on weekdays).

We started off in the dog section and I must have spoken to each individual dog as we went round. The dogs love the attention and will stand at their bars and happily listen to you while you make a fool out of yourself using a squeaky voice as if you’re talking to a human baby. Some of the dogs will try to reach you by putting their paws through the bars or bring you a toy to will you to play with them but the hardest thing ever is to resist physical contact due to the possible spread of Parvo Virus which can be deadly to dogs. The dogs get treated really well and are played with and taken for walks in Battersea park so they get plenty of exercise.

We moved onto the newly built can building which looked modern and bright. Each cat or pair of cats had their own spacious pen with full-sized glass doors which enable staff to enter the pen and provide enough room for them to socialise with the cats. Very different to the small pods they had before. Within the same area, they also have a separate room where staff can bring the cats to socialise with prospective adoptive parents which is an excellent idea if you want to get to know the true nature of the cat in a more natural environment and to be able to talk to the staff and ask questions. They have a range of Breeds from Moggies to Pedigrees all looking very content. Lets put it this way, I wanted to take all the cats home.

On leaving the home I chose to make another small donation in the main reception by putting it in a large free-standing collection box. Every little helps!