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Disneyland Paris – Day one

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Myself and my niece Jordan arrived in Marne La Vallee around 2pm on Friday 30th August after a comfortable ride in Eurostar’s Premier class. First of all we headed to Disney Village to make a booking for the evenings meal at King Ludwigs Castle. Then we went straight to the Disneyland park where I introduced Jordan to the magic. Her reaction to Sleeping Beauty’s castle was basically ‘WOW’ which was pretty much my reaction when I first saw it over a year ago. Thanks to 365DaysAtDisney’s Blog post  I managed to see the dragon that resides beneath the castle this time (something I missed on my last visit).

After a little stroll around we began queueing for rides which isn’t the best thing to do in peak season. My last visit back in May 2012 was much quieter so queue times were obviously much shorter. From what I can remember, we started off going from land to land randomly aiming for rides with shorter waiting times. Any plan that I had went out of the window at that point.

A day goes incredibly quick in Disneyland and before we knew it, It was time for dinner. We made our way to ‘King Ludwigs Castle’ at 7pm only to find there was barely anyone in there so needn’t have booked. Despite not being very busy at this time we still waited a good 20 minutes to be served. Fortunately the wait was worth it as the Pizza’s we ordered were delicious. The deserts didn’t disappoint either and we went back to the hotel happy bunny’s with full tummy’s for an early night to prepare for day 2’s shenanigans.