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Breaking My Own Rules

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After much consideration, Today I did something that I wouldn’t normally do. I gave into my rule of not buying big brand named items and bought an iPad 2. The reason why I wouldn’t normally do this is because there is usually an alternative that does the job just as good and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I did my research and read reviews but in the end with a little input from friends on Facebook, decided that the iPad 2 would suit my needs the best.

So for the very first time I am writing this post from the chosen device and slowly figuring out how to use WordPress on it. So far I have no idea how to use tags so may have to edit this on my laptop. But the interesting part will be the moment I come to upload photos. I sincerely hope I don’t end up feeling the need to throw it against a wall at any point. My main reason for this purchase is so I can keep my existing audience (and hopefully a few new ones) up to date with my holiday adventures as well as getting with the times :)

If anyone reading this uses WordPress regularly on their iPad then please leave any tips and advise in the comments below.

[Well that was a big fail. I actually created a new top page… had no idea how to do that before but now I do haha! Just had to copy and paste to create this post which is cheating a little. I’ll get used to it eventually I suppose, preferably by the time I go away though].