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Waffle Shmaffle

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I was going to wait until I had something more interesting to blog about but I was getting bored with not blogging so I shall do what I do best and just waffle a bit. So far the past couple of weeks have been all work and no play! work has been busy but I’ve managed to keep myself amused in-between. I’ve been concentrating on finding accessories to go with my gorgeous dress that I bought for my brothers wedding in September, I just need to get a white bolero, a bag and some suitable jewelery which is proving to be somewhat of a tedious task.

I have finally finished heroes season 2 and about to move onto the final season of Smallville. I also treated myself to the box set of anime series, Chobits which I can’t wait to get stuck into. The art of anime has always fascinated me but I have never got around to actually admiring a motion picture of it so I’m going to look up some top anime series/films to work my way through.

I never got a response from PortAventura about the complaint I made about the treatment of their horses during a show so I’m now contemplating my next move. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. It saddens me to think that these shows are still going ahead with the poor horses suffering.

One of my favourite bands are coming to the UK in November and this time I have tickets to see them. I have loved Evanescence for years but never seen them play live. You can’t imagine how excited I am. But I have so much planned before then and I’m going to see Blink 182 on Thursday with Mandy which I’m sure will be totally epic.

Anyway, waffle over… I’m sure I’ll have something more interesting to write bout soon 😛

Wound up and Angry

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Having just sent a complaint to PortAventura, the theme park myself and my friends visited in Spain, I now feel as wound up as I did when I first experienced the issue that I complained about. As some people already know, I’m a huge animal lover. So what I witnessed at the beginning of June appalled me. This is the email I sent PortAventura:

During our trip to the park at the beginning of June, myself and 3 friends were deeply upset after watching the appalling treatment of the horses in Bang Bang West. One of the horses was clearly distressed and having problems breathing yet the show continued. This horse seemed to be having difficulty with the bit that was placed in its mouth and looked as though it was choking. At one point we thought it was going to collapse. The rest of the horses looked hot, exhausted and uncomfortable. We took no notice of the show as we were concerned about the horses. We were sickened and angered but we stayed until the end of the show just to make sure the horse in question was ok. Extremely disappointed with such low animal welfare standards at PortAventura.

As you will see from my review on my reviews page, I had an enjoyable time and was impressed with the rides but I thought this show was a big let down for the park. I would personally like to see the horses pulled out of the show and placed in the care of someone with good knowledge of Equine needs. I hope to receive a reply from the park just to see what they have to say and whether anything is going to be done about it. If I don’t get a response I will have to take it further.