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31 Day Gratitude Experiment

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During the month of January I will be noting down all the little things that I am grateful for. While trying to find a little inspiration last night I came across this page I  could have started it last night but I thought I would save it for the new year instead.

Today I went out and bought a new note pad especially for the occasion and I’m going to do exactly as ‘get busy living’ has said. I’m hoping this will make me realise all the things I usually take for granted. Sometimes you have to take a step back to really appreciate what you have and this little activity will help me do just that.

At the end of each week I shall share my list of gratefulness with all of Blogsville. Well that’s if the ‘end of the world’ doesn’t interrupt my plans… I mean who really believes that anyway?

A Look Back On My 2011

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As I took a short walk earlier I started to think about all the things that I have done this year and what a great year its been overall. The most memorable moments started with a trip to Dublin in March during St Patrick’s week. In that time we saw Boyzone at the Dublin O2 arena and went to Dublin zoo. There was never a dull moment, even back at the hotel while getting ready for nights out we would listen to music and have a glass or two of rose. The St Patrick’s day parade was crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people attend such an event all at once. It certainly was an incredible experience.

I attended a few Boyzone Concerts this year, a couple of Westlife and one Take That which was an amazing birthday present from my brother and his fiancée. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a rock chick at heart but 90’s boy bands are my guilty pleasure.

This year has definitely been the year of the musical for me, I’ve clocked up an impressive 42 shows which include:

Jersey Boys x25

Ghost x3

Betty Blue Eyes x1

Legally Blonde x6

Lend me a Tenor x1

Grease x1

Mamma Mia x1

Rock of Ages x1

Priscilla x1

Wizard of Oz x1

I call it dedication… my parents call it a waste of money!

Another great moment was when I met my favourite YouTubers Katers17 and Cory Williams of SMP Films and Mean Kitty. They set up a fan meet up in Trafalgar Square, London back in September and caused quite a stir as they spent the whole day mingling with the crowd.

I’m hoping that 2012 will have lots more great things in store for me, I already have a few things in mind anyway. My new motto is to ‘live each day as if it’s you’re last’ – especially if this “end of the world” thing is true and we may not live to see 2013.