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Spain 2012

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Yesterday I arrived home from my two-week holiday in Salou in Spain. I had a fantastic time with 3 of my friends; Emma, Hayley and Mandy as we passed the time with many activities and good nights out but now I can honestly say I’m glad to be back home. There’s no way I could have stayed there any longer than two weeks. There were certain things that got right on my nerves such as many of the Spanish people who were just plain rude. I’m not saying that the majority of them are rude but many of the locals in Salou, Tarragona and Barcelona that I personally encountered were a little ignorant. They would just push passed you without saying anything or try to push you out of the way to get to various attractions. I know that the English may not be the most popular visitors to your country but manners cost nothing these days.

one of the other things that really annoyed me while in Salou were the club and pub promoters. The night-life was pumping and there are an array of different bars and night clubs to suit everyone’s tastes. We found a couple of places that soon became our regular haunts (Chaplin’s and Danny Boy) but due to competition, everywhere we went we got harassed by promoters trying to get us to go to their bars/clubs. Some even got a bit rude or aggressive when we wouldn’t take the flyers they were handing out. Our nights out always seemed to start out as a mission to avoid them. On one occasion, as we were walking past one quite quickly, he tried to put his arm around me and I moved it away abruptly telling him not to touch me. Physical contact shouldn’t be permitted. He didn’t know the reason why I didn’t want him to put his arm around me but at the time I had sunburn on my arms which was painful to the touch.You just don’t do things like that.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting… back to the good stuff. We managed to fit a lot of excursions into our two weeks starting with meeting the dolphins at Aquapolis in La Pineda. We went to the Theme park, Port Aventura on 3 occasions and rode on Shambhala which is the highest and longest rollercoaster in Europe. We also went on a Jeep safari through the mountains, swam with Sea Lions, and sailed on a Catamaran. One of the main highlights was House of Illusions where we watched some talented magicians, we were so impressed the fist time we ended up going back a second. I’ll be writing some reviews about venues and excursions when I get the chance.