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Mini Tea Signing 2012

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On Thursday (15th) I went along to the signing of the mini series 2 ‘Lunartik in a cup of tea’ created by Matt Jones with my fantabulous friend Zoe. The signing was scheduled to begin at 6pm at Forbidden Planet, London and end at 7pm but ended up running about an hour over. We waited for two hours to get our mini teas signed, not because of the length of the queue but because some people were buying entire trays of mini teas to be signed and also larger ones for Matt to add a custom design to. In my opinion I thought that was a little inconsiderate and Forbidden Planet should have had this controlled better limiting the amount of items being signed. But after a back-breaking, leg aching wait we finally managed to get our mini teas signed and have a brief chat to Matt.

The new designs are definitely more quirkier than the first series which will probably give me the incentive to buy more. The packaging   comes in the form of a takeaway cup and the teas are blind boxed like the previous series.

The wait may have been gruelling but all was forgiven when we were offered these 🙂