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A Quiet Christmas

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Following a well deserved lye in I started the day wishing my parents a Merry Christmas and exchanging gifts. I proceeded the day ¬†with a nice cup of tea (I do love my tea in the mornings) and a very unhealthy chocolate breakfast before popping open the macaroni cheese flavoured Pringles. I don’t suggest that anyone follows my example but what the heck, Christmas only comes once a year. There was the usual family member visits and telephone conversations to say thank you for gifts and exchange of text messages to close friends. The only thing I had left to do was chill out while my lovely mum prepared the dinner and what better way to do that but in front of the T.V watching ‘Shaun of the Dead’. you have to have some Zombies on Christmas day, well that’s probably just my way of thinking; not very Christmassy I know.

” Why didn’t you help your mum?” I hear you say, well the reason being is that she hate’s it when anyone sets foot in the kitchen while she’s cooking so to avoid the third degree I stayed well away. Dinner couldn’t have been more satisfying and with my Marks and Spencers mushroom and cashew nut loaf with onion and parsley sauce, honey glazed parsnips, apple and herb stuffing, carrots and roast potatoes; I was well and truly stuffed. We waited a while for our dinner to go down before attempting the Christmas pudding.

I rounded off the day with a couple of glasses of my favourite Gallo white zinfadel, watched an action packed but depressing (as usual) episode of Eastenders and the long awaited Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Special while dad dozed off on the sofa. A nice day was had by all, Merry Christmas bloggers!