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The Veggie Blogger on Blogspot

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here but the good news is that I am pleased to announce my newly ignited blogging passion, the bad news is that I have gone to the other side. I have created a vegetarian blog called ‘The Veggie Blogger’¬†where I have written reviews and talked about places I have visited relating to the Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle. I have taken a real interest in Veganism lately and I am currently cutting down on the consumption of dairy products.

All I have to do is work out how to gain an audience like I have on WordPress. I noticed that I have had views but I don’t seem to have any followers. I would love to have an active blog where people comment regularly but it all seems a little more difficult on ‘Blogger’. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on what I can do to reach an audience on Blogger then please leave a comment below.

Over Enthusiastic Blogger

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So I’ve been re-assessing the way I blog and realised that I’ve been going a little crazy on the posts lately. I read up on some tips and it said that it’s better that you DON’T blog on a daily basis because it can overload your audience (and I don’t want to do this). I thought I was being clever by being so regular (with my posts). I have also realised that because I have blogged so much over the past week or so it looks like my posts are starting to lose meaning and therefore becoming a little pointless.

The quality of my posts have taken a battering as I have noticed when comparing older posts to newer posts. I suppose sometimes you have to take a step back to discover what’s been going wrong. I’m not saying that what I have posted lately is a load of rubbish but it’s just lacking in quantity and detail. I read that the ideal length of a post is 700 words long… too much and it could get boring, too little and it won’t attract people back to your blog. There’s more to this blogging lark than I originally thought and I’m obviously still learning. But to start off with, I’m going to stop with the daily blogging and maybe post every couple of days.

As with the 700 word count thing, I don’t want to push my luck too much and end up rambling on just to reach a target. I’ll just end up boring you and boring myself at the same time. Do you agree with these tips? should I even bother following what others say? Do you follow any useful blogging tips? I’d certainly appreciate some feedback on this slightly confusing topic.