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Weekly Writing challenge: I Wish I Were

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I wish I were an accomplished and successful artist designing for magazines or stage sets. One of my regrets in life was quitting my A level Art course around 10 years ago. Unfortunately I was working full-time and couldn’t dedicate enough time to one of the things that I loved the most. Working part-time wasn’t even an option for me at the time. Previous years since, I managed to sketch and paint when I had a spare moment just to quench my artistic desire. But recently I’ve had no time whatsoever and to be honest I can’t remember when I last picked up a pencil or paintbrush.

It often makes me sad to think I may have wasted one of the best talents that I had but there have been opportunities and life experiences that I wouldn’t change for the world. You win some and you lose some I suppose. I have no doubt that I will eventually find that all important time to become creative again but I don’t expect that I’ll ever start another A level Art course.


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The Art of Matt Dixon

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The work of this artist really caught my eye while I strolled around browsing at the London Film and Comic Con stalls. Digital art never used to interest me as I used to dabble in acrylic paint myself. It’s only now I see that digital art is just as effective. I would describe Matt Dixon’s art as alternative, quirky and incredibly sexy. His pieces range from sci-fi monsters/robots to fantasy creatures and pin-ups. Matt also designs illustrations for children’s books. His attention to detail and use of colour is amazing, not to mention his imagination. I will definitely follow this artist and maybe even learn a little more about digital art.

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Something I Stumbled Upon

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As if I haven’t got enough to distract me from doing something constructive with my evenings. I have just lost an hour of my life trawling through a website a friend recommended. Now I’m usually the last person to discover anything interesting and in this case it is  probably no exception. provides pages and pages of pictures, info and articles that engages your personal interests. So I registered (it’s free) and started by clicking on 5 genre’s to personalise my stumble… you then of course click on stumble and it searches for a pages that may take your interest which apparently you wouldn’t normally find on the net when searching yourself. So far I like it but will it be just a novelty at first and will I get bored with it? That’s something I’ll find out in time.

So today I stumbled upon an artist’s work that caught my eye. His work is simple yet genius. Everyday objects/materials are transformed with a little bit of wire and brought to life. The art of ‘Bent Objects’  by Terry Border is humorous and creative… I only wish I’d thought of this myself 🙂