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Monthly Archives: November 2013

I’ve Missed You WordPress!

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Hello there! I must apologise for being so quiet over the past couple of months. My excuse is quite silly really but I’ll explain anyway. After my last post I realised I had reached my maximum space for photo’s on here and I was a little put off by this. Call me stupid but I didn’t know this could happen. For more storage space I would have to upgrade my account and start paying a fee which I can’t really afford.

As you can see by my previous posts, a lot of them include photo’s which are very important when giving people an insight into what I have been doing especially when it comes to travelling and conventions. Since then I’ve been wondering what I would do without photo’s to accompany my writing. But I’ve decided to suck it up and get on with it. After all there’s a lot of bloggers out there that don’t use photos in their posts, so I will just be one of them. At least I’ll still be able to connect with people. I’ve missed it here so I’ll be sure not to stay away for so long next time.