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It’s a Boy!!!

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…. If you didn’t already know! Only joking, I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now.

I couldn’t let today pass without marking the occasion in a blog post.

Those that don’t care (and believe me there are), there’s really no need for you to be reading this.

Congratulations William and Kate on the birth of your baby boy weighing 8lb 6oz, at 16:24 BST at St Mary’s Hospital, west London. I can’t help thinking about how proud Princess Diana would be right now. Just waiting on a name 🙂


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  1. I am so happy for William and Kate but also have a heavy heart that Princess Diana is not here to celebrate. I will never forget the day she passed from this earth. I found her to be one of the most beautiful human beings, inside and out, that ever lived.

    • I was a little choked thinking about her last night and I’m sure she would have been in William’s thoughts during the birth. Diana was such an amazing woman!

  2. Wonderful news. I’m so happy for them, they look like such a lovely couple in love.

  3. Whether you made this ‘keep calm’ or found it – i love it.. great post. Ian


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