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I attended the first of its kind London designer toy convention yesterday. The hard work put in by ‘ToyCon UK’ didn’t disappoint. Preparations included artist interviews running up to the event, giving a helpful insight into the exhibitors. I was able to become a little more familiar with the artists work before the event so I knew what great talent I was expecting. The detail of some of the designs were amazing and made me wish that I could achieve something as spectacular. An inspiring event to say the least.

As well as the featured stalls there were also talks taking place with some of the artists. These were very popular. My friend and I were unable to get into one of them as there were so many people crammed into one room so we decided to secure a front row seat a little earlier for the next one which was interesting and informative. The customising workshop featured artists Jon Paul Kaiser, who painted a giant monster embryo by ‘Taylored Curiosities’, David Stevenson, who left his creative mark on some ‘Kidrobot’ DIY Munny’s and Kerry Dyer, who put her sculpting skills to test also on a ‘munny’. The panel answered as many of the con goers questions in an hours slot.

Jon Paul Kaiser

Jon Paul Kaiser, David Stevenson and Kerry Dyer

Kerry Dyer

There has already been talks of a 2014 ToyCon which I can’t say I’m surprised about as it’s a great event. Hopefully next years con will be in a bigger venue. This year a lot of people missed out on tickets because they had only allocated a certain amount. Now that the organisers know how popular the event will be I’m sure we’ll see some improvements next year. I know I’d like to be provided with a programme including talk times. These were announced over a speaker which was difficult to hear over the hustle and bustle of the hall. Maybe somewhere we can freely eat our own food on site as we felt it would be a little bit cheeky pulling out a sandwich in the coffee shop. And of course more stalls and artists would be amazing. They should come flocking after word of mouth and all the positive reviews.

Here’s a couple of my purchases from ToyCon UK.

Monster from ‘Monsters and mecha’ 

My monster

My Cavey by ‘A Little Stranger’

Hey Cavey

More photo’s from the event to follow.

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  1. I completely agree about the need for a printed programme/timetable handed to you on entry Sheryl. I missed the talks and signings because I didn’t know when to look out for them and I could barely make out the announcements either.

    I’d have also like to have seen a chill/chat space where you could sit down(!) for a while, eat, drink or just talk with people you’d met without taking up room in a cafe or going off site

    And more variety, there were great artists and great toys to buy, but once you’d spent your pocket money & some, a bit more stuff to look at, to do, to watch and listen to, to take part in maybe (like a workshop or two) that didn’t revolve around you spending money buying toys or looking at toys you couldn’t afford.

    It was still a great event, though, so pleased to meet and talk to Holly (aka A Little Stranger/Hey Cavey) and Jon Paul Kaiser which felt possible probably in part because the event was on a smaller scale, that might get lost when ToyConUK 2014 gets inevitably bigger, but hopeful there will be other compensations.

    NIce post and congrats on the vinyl Cavey 😉

    • Thank you! I’m glad you agree. Was certainly a good start though and I’m sure that they have realised that there’s so much more potential for the event. I look forward to seeing what they have in store for next year 🙂


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