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Monthly Archives: March 2013

From Blogsville to Twitsville

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So I was right! and probably for the first time too. I was diagnosed with acid reflux at the doctors today and they have put me on tablets for six weeks and to be reviewed again in 8. The doc said that I may not necessarily be on them forever but some people are. I’m just hoping that’s not the case with me so fingers crossed.

Anyway my reason for posting today is to tell you that I have made a twitter account to go with my blog. I’ll be tweeting each time I put something new up on here and sharing my favourite posts from others’ blogs that I follow as well as general musings and meaningless waffle (well that is what twitter is made for). I’ll also be searching for fellow bloggers twitter accounts to follow.

You can find me on twitter by searching @SherylsBlog I’ll do my best to follow back and tweet updates regularly.

London Photography

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Busy London Sepia tone

After checking back on my POLL I created in January, I noticed that someone had voted for photography so I thought I’d include a photo in my latest post. I would ideally like to post more scenic photo’s in my blog, mainly London-based as that is where I spend most of my spare time. Unfortunately this is the only photo I managed to take on a busy trip yesterday afternoon. But I’ve decided to dedicate a whole day when I get the chance.

I would especially like to experiment with black and white photo’s which I think look very effective in the right situations. I’ve also gained a new-found interest in street art so I’ll be on the hunt for some of that too. I just wish there was enough hours in a weekend to do everything I wanted.