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Bitten 3 Guests

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Here’s my photo-shoot pics from the convention. All the guests were lovely and we got to have a good chat to them during the two drinks receptions that were held.

Lauren Bowles -AKA Holly

Nelsan Ellis – AKA Lafayette

Lindsay Pulsipher -AKA Crystal

Tara Buck – AKA Ginger

Group shot

Bitten 3 Weekend

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Over the past couple of weeks I had been preparing for the Bitten 3 True Blood convention, making sure I had my costumes for the themed parties to ensure I looked the part for the long weekend away at the Park Inn, Northampton. The event was held at the weekend just gone and I can honestly say I had the most amazing time. I won’t go too much into detail because I shall be writing a review about it, so I’ll stick to the more personal side of it. I met my friends at Euston station where we made our way to Northampton together. I had met Maxine and Sam previously through my friend Mandy and once at the hotel I met two other people who they knew and I made friends with.

As well as meeting True Blood guests and getting autographs and photo’s of them, we had the most awesome parties. Friday nights themed party was Merlottes Halloween party where we could basically dress up as anything we wanted. I found a great scary clown costume on Amazon and I was eager to wear it that night. The costume went down well and I received some lovely comments from the con goers.

The hall was decked out with skeletons and other amusing bits and bobs. The party went on until the early hours. My head felt a little fuzzy the next day but I powered on through photo shoots and autographs. Saturday nights party was themed around Fangtasia, the vampire and human nightclub from the show. So we donned our best corsets and partied hard yet again 🙂

The last party on the Sunday night was ‘Fellowship of the Sun’ themed, a group against vampires… so I bought myself  some fake vampire killing weapons to protect everyone 🙂

Overall I had a fab time spending time with new friends, True Blood stars and people who have the same interest as me. Unfortunately this Bitten Convention was the last but I’m excited to see what else Massive events come up with next.

Help for Macaulay

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After reading an article in today’s Sun newspaper and seeing disturbing photo’s of a very Gaunt looking Macaulay Culkin, I felt the need to express how I feel about it. Firstly I would like to go back to the 90’s when I became a fan of his, being the star of ‘Home Alone’, one of the best Christmas movies of all time, I was intrigued to see what else he could do so followed his career. It was ‘My Girl’ also starring Anna Chlumsky that did it for me… it fast became one of my favourite films and as an obsessed 12-year-old girl I watched it over and over again. Macaulay became so successful that it became evident that fame was taking its toll on the young actor. He quit acting at just 14 and went off the rails falling out with his father. Then along came the drugs.


Despite being a complete nutter I can’t help but feel sorry for him. Yes he got himself into this mess but it just goes to show what a weak individual he really is. It looks as though he got himself so far into a rut that he couldn’t find a way out and I think he needs help. I just hope he’s around people compassionate enough to give him this help. As I’m the same age as Macaulay I believe that you come to a point where you do start to give a shit and pull yourself together. Your not that 14-year-old any more Mack and you can put things right… your father has reached out to you in this article and I think however much you despised him all those years ago, it doesn’t have to be like that now, you’ll regret it when it’s too late. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for people who care like me.

If the rumours are true about him having just six months to live then this is very sad and unfortunate. This shouldn’t be his fate. With a career spanning back to 1985 and the fact that he is still so young, he should be living a happy, healthy and untroubled life with so much more ahead of him. I truly hope it doesn’t end this way.