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Get Well Soon Amanda!

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I felt a little saddened when I saw the front page of today’s newspaper. It read “Amanda and new baby almost died”. I immediately thought back to the time I met her last year just before she left Shrek. She came out of the Stage door after a fantastic performance looking radiant in a flowing orange dress sporting her then small bump. With her daughter Lexi by her side she spoke to fans and posed for photographs. I remember thinking that there was a certain warmth about her, she came across as every bit of the doting mum as she let Lexi sign her name on people’s programmes, careful not to leave her out. She spent a fair bit of time chatting to a long line of fans while her driver was starting to look impatient to say the least. This just goes to show what a lovely person she is.

Amanda – a judge on Britain’s got Talent, gave birth to a baby girl named Hollie Rose and weighing 6lb. Amanda lost a lot of blood after the birth and had to under-go blood transfusions. She spent 3 days in intensive care. Baby Hollie also had breathing difficulties and was put on a respirator but both are now out of danger. I want to wish Amanda a speedy recovery and I hope she and baby Hollie make it home safe and sound to be together as a family really soon.

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