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Winter Blues

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You know when you’ve hit rock bottom when your listening to James Blunt and scoffing chocolate on a Friday night, and these winter nights aren’t going to get much more productive than this. Its depressing when the highlight of my evening is watching Eastenders and washing my hair. The discovery of the evening was realising that my hair conditioner was running suspiciously low and finding out that my dad had been using it as body moisturiser. I secretly found it incredibly amusing but that stuff ain’t cheap so I hope it had some benefit to him… shiny skin perhaps!

Spending too much time by myself makes me think way too much; my brain is working overtime right now so that’s why I’m here writing my second blog entry which isn’t much better than my first. I dread to think what will happen once it snows!

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Aspiring poet ~ theatre goer ~ animal lover and vegetarian ~ YouTube Viewer ~ twitterer ~ Superhero, Zombie and Vampire fan.

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