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A Look Back On My 2011

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As I took a short walk earlier I started to think about all the things that I have done this year and what a great year its been overall. The most memorable moments started with a trip to Dublin in March during St Patrick’s week. In that time we saw Boyzone at the Dublin O2 arena and went to Dublin zoo. There was never a dull moment, even back at the hotel while getting ready for nights out we would listen to music and have a glass or two of rose. The St Patrick’s day parade was crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people attend such an event all at once. It certainly was an incredible experience.

I attended a few Boyzone Concerts this year, a couple of Westlife and one Take That which was an amazing birthday present from my brother and his fiancée. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a rock chick at heart but 90’s boy bands are my guilty pleasure.

This year has definitely been the year of the musical for me, I’ve clocked up an impressive 42 shows which include:

Jersey Boys x25

Ghost x3

Betty Blue Eyes x1

Legally Blonde x6

Lend me a Tenor x1

Grease x1

Mamma Mia x1

Rock of Ages x1

Priscilla x1

Wizard of Oz x1

I call it dedication… my parents call it a waste of money!

Another great moment was when I met my favourite YouTubers Katers17 and Cory Williams of SMP Films and Mean Kitty. They set up a fan meet up in Trafalgar Square, London back in September and caused quite a stir as they spent the whole day mingling with the crowd.

I’m hoping that 2012 will have lots more great things in store for me, I already have a few things in mind anyway. My new motto is to ‘live each day as if it’s you’re last’ – especially if this “end of the world” thing is true and we may not live to see 2013.


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Erm… Primark, what were you thinking?

Ghost the Musical – A Short Review

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In the run-up to Richard and Caissie’s transfer to Broadway with Ghost the musical I had to share with you my thoughts about currently successful West End shows. I heard mixed reviews to begin with so I knew I had to see for myself. I must admit I was a little reluctant at first as I knew that nothing could better such a classic well-loved film. For those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, this is the musical theatre version of the legendary Patrick Swayze film in which his character Sam Wheat is killed in cold blood during a high point in his relationship with artist Molly Jensen. Caught in-between worlds; Sam, with the help of opinionated and witty medium Oda Mae Brown, solve his murder.

Considering that the original film was made over 20 years ago, the modernisation of the theatre production doesn’t affect the way in which the story is portrayed. In fact the story line stays true to the film with only minor alterations. If you are a big fan of the film then you will notice that they have re-written parts and missed bits out to make it more adaptable for the stage. But don’t let this put you off.

They couldn’t have chosen a better cast. All the mains have an incredible stage presence and the choreography is amazing. For those of you that have no recollection of who Richard Fleeshman is, then don’t worry about it. He will build more credibility in the West End than he ever did in his previous career. Accompanied by Caissie Levy, the pair of them will blow you away with their vocals. The songs are a masterpiece alone and even the overture will send shivers down your spine.

So much emotion has been poured into this musical which is how it should be. You start to feel as though the characters are real. Whoopi Goldberg eat your heart out, Sharon D Clarke as Oda Mae Brown will have you rolling in the isles and you couldn’t get a better villain  than Ivan De Freitas who plays Willy Lopez.

The whole show is visually stunning throughout and on occasions will leave you open-mouthed and gasping in disbelief. The illusions and special effects are phenomenal. You have to see it to believe it. That’s why I don’t want to give too much away. But if you walk into the theatre thinking that you are going to get a Patrick Swayze double and the show is going to be exactly the same as the film then your wrong. Go with an open mind and enjoy.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

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The last time I visited Battersea dogs and cats home was probably a year ago, way before they had completed the new cat building. As I had a little spare time on my hands being the Christmas break, so I took my niece for her first visit yesterday. I completely admire the work that this organisation does and I’m grateful to be able to experience it for myself. All they ask for is a small donation upon entering (adult £2 and child £1) and then you can spend as much time on the premises as you want (open from 1pm to 4pm on weekdays).

We started off in the dog section and I must have spoken to each individual dog as we went round. The dogs love the attention and will stand at their bars and happily listen to you while you make a fool out of yourself using a squeaky voice as if you’re talking to a human baby. Some of the dogs will try to reach you by putting their paws through the bars or bring you a toy to will you to play with them but the hardest thing ever is to resist physical contact due to the possible spread of Parvo Virus which can be deadly to dogs. The dogs get treated really well and are played with and taken for walks in Battersea park so they get plenty of exercise.

We moved onto the newly built can building which looked modern and bright. Each cat or pair of cats had their own spacious pen with full-sized glass doors which enable staff to enter the pen and provide enough room for them to socialise with the cats. Very different to the small pods they had before. Within the same area, they also have a separate room where staff can bring the cats to socialise with prospective adoptive parents which is an excellent idea if you want to get to know the true nature of the cat in a more natural environment and to be able to talk to the staff and ask questions. They have a range of Breeds from Moggies to Pedigrees all looking very content. Lets put it this way, I wanted to take all the cats home.

On leaving the home I chose to make another small donation in the main reception by putting it in a large free-standing collection box. Every little helps!

An Ethical Gift

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I must admit, I’ve never stepped foot inside a LUSH store because quite frankly the smell offends my nose. Because of this I never really knew much about them or their products. For Christmas I received a cute set of bath bombs contained within a tin money-box house and enclosed in an attractive bird design wrap which was made using recycled plastic bottles. Inside the tin was 4 different shaped and coloured bath bombs all with their own individual scent which was slightly potent but not at all bad. The set came with a little hand book that explains how to use the bath bombs; some you drop straight into the bath and some you run under the tap. What is good about LUSH’s products is that they are all handmade from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics and most importantly they don’t test on animals making it ideal for Vegetarians and vegans.

This morning I decided to try out one of the products; the Cinders -PLU 2911. It’s a mulled wine – scented crackling candy bath ballistic which I placed into the bath like the instructions stated and watched as it fizz, crackle and bob up and down until it completely dissolved and turned the water yellow.

As I climbed into the bath I noticed that the water only had a slight aroma to it  which was a little disappointing considering the ball had quite a strong smell to begin with but that didn’t put me off. The water had no affect on my skin, it didn’t stain or create an allergic reaction; in fact my skin felt smooth upon drying. You can also use your usual shower gels and washes which if also smells sweet can create a nice combination of aromas. I look forward to trying out the others!

New Years to do List

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To be honest I think that this new years resolution lark is pretty pointless. I’ve tried making them in the past but I just end up forgetting them or just not sticking to them. So instead of actually making new years resolutions, I’m going to make a short to do list. Being short it will be more doable.

1) Be more creative – the past few years I have lost all creativity. I used to love painting and photography!

2) Make the effort to visit more places of interest.

3) Travel more – even if it’s within the UK.

4) Watch more films – I used to be a bit of a film fanatic but with lack of time and my previous obsession with social networks meant that I very rarely sat down in the evening to watch a DVD.

5) Try and get to more rock gigs – I love many genre’s but it’s been a while since I really let myself go and really enjoyed a live gig whether it be a popular band or some new up and coming artists.

6) Concentrate on theatre shows I haven’t seen – most of the time I obsess over one particular musical (That being jersey Boys).

I’m not going to commit myself to any of them but it would be nice if I could actually achieve some.

A Quiet Christmas

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Following a well deserved lye in I started the day wishing my parents a Merry Christmas and exchanging gifts. I proceeded the day  with a nice cup of tea (I do love my tea in the mornings) and a very unhealthy chocolate breakfast before popping open the macaroni cheese flavoured Pringles. I don’t suggest that anyone follows my example but what the heck, Christmas only comes once a year. There was the usual family member visits and telephone conversations to say thank you for gifts and exchange of text messages to close friends. The only thing I had left to do was chill out while my lovely mum prepared the dinner and what better way to do that but in front of the T.V watching ‘Shaun of the Dead’. you have to have some Zombies on Christmas day, well that’s probably just my way of thinking; not very Christmassy I know.

” Why didn’t you help your mum?” I hear you say, well the reason being is that she hate’s it when anyone sets foot in the kitchen while she’s cooking so to avoid the third degree I stayed well away. Dinner couldn’t have been more satisfying and with my Marks and Spencers mushroom and cashew nut loaf with onion and parsley sauce, honey glazed parsnips, apple and herb stuffing, carrots and roast potatoes; I was well and truly stuffed. We waited a while for our dinner to go down before attempting the Christmas pudding.

I rounded off the day with a couple of glasses of my favourite Gallo white zinfadel, watched an action packed but depressing (as usual) episode of Eastenders and the long awaited Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Special while dad dozed off on the sofa. A nice day was had by all, Merry Christmas bloggers!